Our Products and Services

Our Services

Professional Services

Our experience gained through following the mobile revolution across Africa has given us indepth knowledge on how the IT sector especially it's mobile arm interacts with every other sector. With this information we have helped countless companies entering into the market with research, market stats, market offering development and various professional services. Contact us for assistance as we always love helping.

Operator Services

EDENTEK gives the mobile operator a competitive advantage. We help them reduce churn, generate revenues, improve service delivery and acquire new customers. It’s a global fact that operators currently face uphill market conditions as revenues are dipping amidst customer expectations for excellent service. Our open-source platforms and operator-centric solutions help the telco’s improve on customer lifecycle management, brand image building, revenue improvement, service stock assurance and much more.

Subscriber Services

we have developed various products and created locally relevant content aimed at equipping subscribers with information, general knowledge, better health, good business ethics as well as video streaming platforms with over 10,000 hours of content and many more.

Enterprise Services

Brands and mSME’s have benefited from our services via our ability to connect businesses with willing customers at the right time. We have run mobile campaigns, channel traffic to brand destinations, create campaign concepts and various payment solutions that have driven product uptakes.

Our ability to connect industries to the IT world has enabled us discover revenue streams in traditional sectors such as mining, agriculture, utility, retail, transportation and finance.

Our Products

Enterprise Activator

Edentek activates marketing campaigns via their various niche-specific micro-sites. This helps you build, plan and manage your product and it’s uptake.


We create platforms that help you transform that digital idea into a full-on business with revenue generation potential. We create and launch video streaming services, brand promotion and app stores.

Caller RBT & IVR

We believe in the power of a word hereby founding our use of IVR to engage our subscribers via entertaining subscription services or marketing enterprise products. Our Ring Back Tones with over 4M downloads are also a client favorite for both artistes, churches and companies.

Enterprise Call Center

Edentek creates platforms that allow your business get the required feedback without you having to invest in this venture thereby reducing your operational costs whilst giving your company an effective customer service arm..

mSME Biz-Locator

We list small businesses and match their services with people who are in need of it therby increasing their visibility and sales.

Mobile Loyalty & Acquisition

We are licensed to run brand mobile loyalty activations engaging customers all through the awareness, acquisition, retention, loyalty and revenue lifecycles via targeted, responsive and personalized campaigns